NEC XIII Mini-Gallery

Day One Photos

We hope everyone who came out to NEC XIII is enjoying the event so far. Day One has come and gone, many players are actually still up as we speak engaged in money matches merriment, and the usual sprinkle of salt. Above all, the general consensus has been wholly positive and exciting for all. Thanks to Eric Stewart, a veteran of the Philly scene, we are able to share the first volume of photos with you straight from the event.

We’ll have more to come, followed by a series of photos for Day 2, player interviews and of course, all the exciting action in all the featured fighting games including Team Spooky, Bifuteki and 8WayRun will keep those of you back home up-to-date. If you’re watching the stream, you won’t wanna miss some of the exciting trailers that are in the works, including a special treat that you’ll get to see first-hand on Team Spooky (a Youtube archive will be featured on PutThatBack’s Youtube channel soon.

For now, this editor is going to enjoy some zzzz’s – but only for a limited time to get an early start. We’ll have more photos officially released on our Facebook page later this week.


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