Connecticut School Shooting

Mass Effect Star Mark Meer Offers Support for Sandy Hook Charity

Join in supporting a great cause for the community in Sandy Hook, CT.

A day hasn’t gone by that I think back on the events at Sandy Hook. The aftermath has sparked a great deal of concern among families who understandably fear for their children and those in the communities nationwide. Several charitable programs have been engaged big and small, including one industry member, Mark Meer (voice of Commander Shepard of the popular Mass Effect trilogy) is stepping in to support the cause with community blog, Nerdy-but-Flirty.

According to the blog post, Mark will be offering a “date” via Skype with the person who donates the highest charitable amount in total on February 6, 2013 at 9PM EST. Participants will have until January 25th at 8PM EST to become the highest potential donor. It’s great to see members of the gaming community stepping forward to offer a charitable initiative, especially when the media is having a field day dismissing video games as an harmful activity that was allegedly responsible for the crime in Connecticut.


Additional details for the charitable rewards for those who donate can be found at for updated prize information. Sarah hints at a possibility to win an Mass Effect‘s OST which should be a great treat for diehard fans.

More information for donating can be found here.

One final note, everyone is encouraged to mention “Nerdy But Flirty”. If at least 200 people mention the blog, Sarah will personally donate an extra amount to match the number of mentions.

Let’s do our share everyone by supporting a community who’s lives were greatly affected and show our support and ability to offer a helping hand.


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