Local Battles Announces Salty Battles #2 Launching 2/1/13

What are you staying home for??

Next month, Local Battles will be launching their second local event, Salty Battles #2 for the local Tri-State area talent to face off before the highly anticipated East Coast major, Winter Brawl 7, taking place on February 23 – 24 in Philadelphia. The event has been organized by AGE | Chris G and Sam Lim, including stream productions from Bifuteki.

Salty Battles #2 will be held at the Local Battles Gaming Center in Fort Lee, NJ – this is an easy commute, especially for those who’ve regularly come out to events held at The Break.

Registration will start at 6’o clock – $10 per game, $10 venue fee.

Chris G has acknowledged that showing up early will guarantee an opportunity for casuals (and possibly learn his “tech”) — however, he will not be personally entering, he’ll actually be focusing more on running the operates and developing his talents as a commentator.

Expect the usual popular games to be featured: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v. 2012

More details including pot details, confirming your attendance or just related questions can be directed to the link on SRK or on its official Facebook event page.

Put That Back is also planning to be attendance, so we look forward to seeing all the players next week.

Show your support – come out. Attend. Socialize. Level up your game! (Most importantly – spread the word!)