Kinect No Longer Required to Function with Xbox One

Kinect No Longer Required to Function with Xbox One

Microsoft shift gears. . .again.

It’s impossible (perhaps even improbable) that the Xbox One will come out on top as the leading platform against the PlayStation 4. Perhaps that would explain why Microsoft had decided to once again, fall back on one of its initial guidelines in which the Kinect reportedly will no longer be required for the console to function.

The decision has sparked some concern, especially after the company was so adamant in the past. Before the huge exodus of consumers made a 180 move of their own in favor of the competition, that is. According to Xbox Corporate Vice President Marc Whitten, consumers will have the ability to disable several key features of the new Kinect, including player identification, voice commands, and its “1984-esque” monitoring tools without fear of the console impacting the general operation of the console itself.

Previously it was unclear if users would be obligated to keep the unit connected to the sensor at all times, in light of the recent used game/DRM policy reversal. Now it would seem that it only took mere reverse engineering to make the Xbox One operate in a similar fashion to its predecessor match the ability to function without any type of restrictions.

Currently, the Kinect will still be bundled with launch units, which still puts the Xbox One $100 above the PS4, however it’s possible we could see a new alternative sans the Kinect hardware materialize in the near future.

Source: IGN


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  1. BS. As long as it’s there, it’s a problem. I’m not paying an extra $100 or even $50 for a peripheral that I NEVER want. I don’t want a kinect anywhere near my machine or I won’t bother with xbox this coming generation.

  2. MS realizes they’ve got their tail between their legs, which is likely why we’re seeing these sudden reversals before the system is released.

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