Interview: Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson

Interview: Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson

A final quest to own Nintendo’s next-gen platform. 

Triforce receiving a Guiness Award for his launch event diligence.

The Wii U ‘s launch date is approaching very soon. Pre-orders alone has confirmed to be maxed out nationally so far on the Wii U.

The craze and excitement for Nintendo’s new console is imminent and one gamer who is in the forefront to make sure he is the first to own the Wii U, is no one other than the Triforce.

PTB had a chance to catch up with professional gamer, multi-Guinness World Record recipient, and last, but not least, one of Nintendo’s own,  Isaiah Triforce Johnson of Empire Arcadia; to get insight on his experience at Nintendo World’s special preview event for the Wii U, his thoughts on how the Wii U will give nuance to the gaming industry, how Zombi U multiplayer will give Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 zombie mode some pure competition.

Plus: information on his journey to secure a spot in line , to be the first in the world to purchase the Wii U next month.


Preparing a month ahead of time to secure a spot to be the first in the world?

Check out the exclusive interview with one the most known and biggest Nintendo fan, the professional gamer, Triforce.


Nintendo fans check  ClefferNotes (Chris Wonfor) who composed the song that was featured in the interview, ‘NintendoLand Theme’


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