IFC Yipes Joins VxG/Empire Arcadia

You saw it coming, right?

We just announced earlier today that Michael “Yipes” Mendoza left Team Brokentier, and he wasted no time announcing his new affiliation. While rumors have been spreading for weeks about Yipes’ potential return to Empire Arcadia, Yipes himself made it official today during Team Spooky‘s Battle Circuit and let viewers know that he will be representing VxG/EMP going forward. Just as Dieminion before him, Yipes is another former Empire player who has now returned to the arc. Thanks to VxG’s generous backing, expect Yipes to be spreading the curleh moustache all over the globe.

What are your thoughts about EMP’s recent resurgence thanks to their VxG partnership?

[Via FightYourRival.net]


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