The Game Lounge Episode #8: Gamescom 2013 So Far

Massive overload of hype and fandom combine!

Gamescom 2013 was considered to be one of the most industry expos this year as Sony and Microsoft came out in full force to showcase their upcoming lineup slated to roll out to the public this fall. Our friends at The Game Lounge, a new podcast dedicated hosted by Brandon “Hirostormwolf” Jumper offers his thoughts on the show hosted in Cologne, Germany. Listen in as Brandon and friends highlight some of the show’s most appealing attractions, and the. . .not-so impressive things too. Uh-oh, raaaaaaaaaaaaaage!

Be on the lookout for the next episode coming up later this week!


Heyyyy! I missed some episodes!!!

Not to worry. You can catch episodes 1 – 7 right here! Enjoy!


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