France Shares its Love for Summer Jam 6

Passion for the community has no borders.

GVN Summer Jam 6 was an exciting event for everyone who came out to compete and socialize last month, featuring a variety of familiar faces who regularly come out to compete along with a lot of new challengers that made the trek from as far as France. Among them included competitive player, Damascus from, who some of you may recall from the interview we conducted with him and his SSFIV crew, Spyx and Mitsu. Damascus expressed a great degree of praise for Big E and his tournament production, highlighting that he was very accommodating and supportive to their needs. Upon returning home, he was motivated to share his personal experience in great detail, giving shoutouts to a number of players throughout the tournament circuit. Additional thoughts from Spyx and Mitsu were provided as well.

Unfortunately the article was composed entirely in the French language, however, there are tools available online that can provide a decent translation. We look forward to seeing Damascus and his crew again. On a related note, Big E has two events planned for the remainder of 2012: Charity Fight 2/Bar Battles 3 on Novemeber 10, followed by the highly anticipated thirteenth installment of NEC, taking place on December 1 – 2. Make sure to hit up SRK’s tournament page or you can visit the following links below if you’re planning to come out.

(Special thanks to Damascus for the heads up and news tip.)

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