[Update] FGC Veteran Jason Cole Announces DojoSports for 2013

Team-league competitive gaming is coming sooner than you think. 

A few of you may recall a modest project, engineered by Two-Time Evolution Champion Jason Cole (commonly referred to as “AfroCole” in the scene) last year. For some time, Cole has aspired to develop a definitive organization that would faithfully promote a group dynamic that promoted team-based competitions for a variety of popular fighting games. In fact, he recently shared his insights about the future of the FGC and why it should adopt a similar approach fashioned like the NFL in terms of competitive leagues, seasons, and ESPN-style broadcasts. . . all presented under one hub.

Sound unlikely? Well it’s already been set in motion and it’s about to make a comeback.

You see, the first phase of DojoSports launched as a means to gauge a response to the ambitious endeavor, creating a favorable response that an opportunity to further explore was on the horizon.

[Update] Jason Cole talked to WakeUp SRK on January 1st to discuss DojoSports in detail. You can catch the entire podcast below:

With 2013 literally hours away, Cole has spent the past several months preparing for the upcoming season to take the DojoSports frontier into another gear. Although we’ve said enough – below is an official announcement from the founder himself to briefly reveal the future of DojoSports:


Happy New Year FGC;

This is Jason Cole, (aka AFROCOLE!) Over a year and a half ago, DojoSports launch an beta phase 5v5 team-based league via regional collaboration. During a three-month timespan, the League consisted of 4 regions, divided into 8 distinct teams featuring some of the nation’s top fighting game talent.

Although a few technical issues came about with the logistical process, the most important highlight gained from its development was that it demonstrated our ability to unite and synchronize our efforts. Tournament organizers, streamers and other influential parties from East to West helped to present the first e-sports broadcast production dedicated to professional league-based expos.

This was the first move for our community to form a sort of collective of individuals and resources as well as changing the mindset of our players to a sports team mentality.

First and foremost, I am blessed and very thankful to Shelton (Big SHEL!) at for the initial interview at NEC XI and getting me to come out with the inaugural announcement. I’d also like to thank Jon of, for his prompt and genuine support, ultimately creating a viral effect throughout the scene. If it wasn’t for these two individuals, I don’t think I would have maintained the confidence to move forward with this project.

The FGC responded to that video in a way that moved me and showed me what our community truly desires: ascending to establish a professional team-based eSports format. It is thanks to all of your responses and support that kept me inspired from the start and kept me believing in the vision. And with that being said, I am pleased to make a special announcement:

I am SO proud to finally announce the Official launch of DojoSports 5v5 League for 2013!!!!!!
DojoSports will be starting with the Northwest region, beginning on Jan 6th, bringing you a new fighting game weekly broadcast every Sunday afternoon! We are also starting with the following three marquee titles:

  • Super Street Fighter 4 arcade Edition 2012
  • Tekken Tournament Tag 2
  • and of course, the global favorite: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3!!!!!!!!

You can find more information about the League Breakdown, including a directory of who’s actively involved, how to get involved, as well as full scheduling officially available at We know recognize the importance that social networks and invite you to also follow us on Twitter at @DojoSportsNEWS and you can follow me personally at @afrocole. Look forward to us delivering FREE archived videos of every match via our official Youtube channel at

I am really looking forward to bringing more regions into the fray and showing how our local community scenes can survive through this new collaboration and collective of community leaders, TO’s, Players, Streamers and Stream Monsters =D

The DojoSports Mission Statement:

“To develop an exceptional standard for competitive e-sports broadcasting through professionalism, team development and region-based collaboration.”

Thank you!


Stay tuned for additional developments, including an upcoming one-one-one interview with Jason Cole regarding DojoSports and other relevant topics.



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