EVO Through The Eyes of Another

Walk a mile in his moccasins

Fighting games vary in all types. Some are conventional, while others aren’t. However, there’s a basic concept behind all of them. Spacing, control, and victory. Understanding this will allow you to step in to any fighting game just enough to allow you to take your pick. While not all make it to the big stage, everyone hopes that their game will make it to the biggest event of every tournament season: EVO.

Held once a year in Las Vegas, Nevada, EVO is THE fighting game championship, and the peak of any player’s goals. Some want to win it, some just want to play, and some just want to be there for all the hype.

This is a documentary of Joel “Akka” Ortiz, and his journey to EVO, as well as his start as a player. He’s got some friends and family that are with him as he, and a few training partners undertake this journey. This is a journey that some of us still have yet to embark on. Have a look, because it’s a very positive light on how the community as a whole comes together for this international event.

Prepare for a look through a first timer’s eyes, and perhaps get excited for your own trip to EVO this year. Whether it’s your first time or your 10th, embrace the experience like it may be your last. People travel from miles around the country, and out of country to be there for different reasons. Everyone would like their 15 minutes in the limelight, however.

What does EVO mean to YOU?

[Photo credit: Karaface]