Empire Arcadia Samples Razer Beta Arcade Stick

 EMP’s top brass go hands-on with Razer’s upcoming tech

Empire Arcadia members, Jeron “Hiro” Grayson and Sanford Kelly shared their recent impressions of the beta editions of the upcoming Razer Fighting joysticks, featured at Big Two in New York City. Razer is one of the first manufacturers to pioneer the eSports movement during the early 2000 era and have ambitiously been working with the community, sponsoring tournament players such as Street Fighter 4 competitors, Latif.

Razer aspires to go the extra mile to ensure their products are developed with precision and quality that can stand up to the most intense gaming sessions and grant players with the privilege of beta-testing their products.

You can check out their impressions on the official Empire Arcadia Youtube page, or check out the embedded video featured above.



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