DOA5 Plus Touch and Training Mode Details Unveiled

DOA5 Plus Touch and Training Mode Details Unveiled

Forget the flick of a button, just swipe your way to victory.

Dead or Alive 5 Plus is looking to offer Vita players a few more distinctive features to set itself apart from its PS3 counterpart. For starters, the game will take advantage of a new “touch” mechanic, allowing players to unleash attacks with mere taps or swipes across the screen. Literally. It’s unlikely that this feature will be highly exploited by the more hardcore fanbase, and was created as a means to make the game more appealing to the mainstream, casual demographic – but I am sure that it will be tempting to a few.

Team Ninja also revealed new details regarding the new training modes, which is always a great feature for anyone serious about honing their skills and becoming more acquainted with the game engine.

Full details are outlined below in the official press release:




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