Update: DOA5 1.03 Patch Update for Xbox 360 Postponed

Update: DOA5 1.03 Patch Update for Xbox 360 Postponed

Gameplay issue prompts Team Ninja to tweak further. . .

Update: Due to a gameplay issue involving stagger escapes during Critical was discovered in the patch, currently available on the PS3, Team Ninja is postponing the Xbox 360 release until next month. A new corrected update will materialize for both platforms at that time. This also impacts the additional DLC content that was being included. Team Ninja deeply apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks everyone for their continued support.


Team Ninja’s efforts to satiate its fanbase knows no bounds when it comes to Dead or Alive 5. The latest update (version 1.03) introduces a robust addition of tweaks , updates and several new items of downloadable content, including a new battle stage: Zack’s tropical island. Oh, and it’s all coming to you free next month next week on Xbox 360 January 29th while PS3 users can already enjoy the latest update.

Zack’s island will come complete with its own set of unique elements and significant battle zone advantages which competitors can exploit to gain a tactical advantage. Watch for falling coconuts that can fall from trees when they’re hit or shaken or “slip zones” that makes a character vulnerable to lower body attacks that can stagger opponents.

Team Ninja also responded to extensive player feedback, releasing a full breakdown of in-depth details of what to expect from the new patch, available here. The developer has assured fans that the online gameplay infrastructure has improved, in additional to update content and movie upload functions (sup Youtube), as well as combat balance adjustments and new fighting moves — better known as nerfs and buffs.

And if you’re still looking for new outfits for your favorite characters to wear, look out for new additions to the following:

  • Hotties Swimwear Pack 1 features new swimsuits for Kasumi, Kokoro, Helena, and Sarah
  • Pack 2 features swimwear for Hitomi, Leifang, Mila, and Pai
  • Pack 3 features swimming outfits for Ayane, Christie, Tina, and Lisa

Each pack will cost $4.99 / 400 Microsoft Points, while all three packs may be purchased in a money-saving bundle for $12.99 / 1040 Microsoft Points.


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