DJ Houshen: “PDP is dropping from the FGC is because they aren’t seeing a good Return On Investment”

A dose of real talk

Sponsorships have become a major topic of conversation over the past few days after recent events involving AGE’s former manager, Sebastain Jennings announced that he would no longer be part of the group.

PDP has not released any official statements regarding the gaming team’s existence, however some predict that it may not last much longer in lieu of what took place after EVO 2013.

East Coast competitor DJ Houshen, expressed his insights on which touched upon the topic and was asked the following:

With DMG and now PDP dropping from the FGC, whats your take on sponsors in the community?

Houshen responds:

You realize the reason that PDP is dropping from the FGC is because they aren’t seeing a good Return On Investment (ROI) in the FGC from the team, right? Otherwise there would be no reason for PDP to drop the AGE unit at all. Congrats to Fanatiq and all of them on that amazing hustle they got off PDP. I’m sure they did some good for PDP but pretty much it was the players who were in the advantage of the situation, and who failed to make it grow into something more that what it was.

The reason why the FGC can’t legitimately keep a sponsor that isn’t directly tied into the FGC involved in the FGC is because people have failed to give something back to the sponsors in a more meaningful kind of way. When it comes down to it, folks, it’s all about the $$$$$$. Sponsors are willing to give money to the players, so what are players giving back to the sponsors?

I would like to go on a blurb real quick. Being a really good player does not mean you are a good content creator, and vise versa. This is the reason when we see the godlike shit that DESK does, we still don’t see him in the top of the world stage. Right now the best players are getting the ‘sponsors’ (not including me, which means I’m not good enough, so I get to HOLD DAT L), but they aren’t really creating content to get people interest in the product. At best, you got Fanatiq being a complete shill on the FR stream where he was advertising his product on an event’s stream that PDP wasn’t even supporting, good look. So basically for everyone who cared, AGE was just a name in front of Fanatiq and Chris G’s name, nothing more. You can’t function like that.

So let’s go folks. We can’t keep balking at the situation as it stands right now. Let’s start looking at ways to give back to the people who are trying to give us money, or at least to reduce the burden on those trying to invest on us. If we can, say, run training lessons for those who are trying to play during the week, and one lucky entrant who paid for a lesson a week wins a free PDP Headset, then the burden on the sponsor would be one headset a week. They are spreading out their product, with minimal investment to the player, while the player is using the product in a way to help his income in alternate methods (note that this isn’t a raffle, people are paying for the lessons not the chance to win a headset). That money earned from the lessons can be used to supplement player traffic or personal things.

Or maybe let’s create content for our sponsors on their websites that earn their webpages more hits than before? If we can get more clicks onto their website, we raise brand awareness that may increase sales. Help with that ROI. If the content I create generates more sales and revenue for my company, then, shock, my company will see a benefit in investing in me and my activities.

Sounds like work right? Who wants to do that anyway? Let’s just collect money from sponsors until the wells dry up and cry about money later.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with his assessment?