‘Display Lag’ Website Launched to Identify the Best and Worst in HDTV

Finally, a definitive hub to identify the best (and worst) in HDTV monitor responsiveness.

Latency with HDTV has been a major concern ever since they’ve taken the place over CRT monitors. While some competitors are lucky to be graced with ASUS monitors which present minimal lag, not every venue spends the time, effort (or money) to follow suit. This leaves many often frustrated when dropped combos result, which in some cases, ultimately leads to losses. Fortunately, one organization has developed a solution – Display Lag is a new website that was created as an official database to help casual and pro gamers alike gauge the differences between various monitors and their grade levels based upon their response levels. This is powerful, valuable info for anyone that’s looking to make a purchase for upcoming tournaments or even when they hold local sessions among friends.

Currently the site has over 50 listings, thanks to the support of several electronic retailers and is expected to grow over the course of time.

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[Tip: Adeel “FourWude” Soomro]


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