Dead or Alive 5 Plus Confirmed to Offer Cross-Platform Support with PS3

Get ready to beat down your opponent at home, on the go. . . and more!

It’s not often developers go to great lengths to support cross-platform gameplay, and surprisingly, there hasn’t been a huge demand for it on popular fighters. Perhaps the upcoming Dead or Ailve 5 Plus will become a gamechanger as Team Ninja confirmed that the PlayStation Vita edition will support cross-platform matches (at 60fps – sweet), shared data and in-game purchaes with its bigger brother: the PlayStation 3.
In today’s announcement, the developer revealed a variety of specific highlights that fans can come to expect from the upcoming Vita release. Read on for the full details, plus a few screens have also been included.


DOA5Plus_GroupB_cross play_diagram_en


  • Hardware icons will appear next to player names in cross-platform battles to indicate whether they are playing on PS3 or PS Vita
  • Cross-platform battles will run at 60fps on both platforms so there will be no lag or slowdown even when playing on different devices
  • All characters that have been unlocked on PS3 can be used on PS Vita—and vice versa
  • In-game rankings will show whether players are on PS Vita or PS3

 DOA5Plus_GroupB_cross goods_diagram_en


  • Using the PS Store, DLC purchases will be shared across both platforms so players can pay a single price while getting dual platform use
  • Over 100 costumes have been delivered to date as DLC, and the cross-platform transfer allows players to preserve their collection while getting new gameplay options.


DOA5Plus_GroupB_cross save_diagram_en


  • Saved games on PS Vita or PS3 can be used on the other platform, so gamers can play on the go and then bring their progress back to the console (or vice versa)
  • All unlocked content on one platform is available on the other platform; for instance, Tina’s Legend Swimsuit earned by completing Legend mode in Arcade mode without continuing will be available on PS3 if earned on PS Vita
  • Any new stages for DOA5 on PS3, will also be available on Dead or Alive 5 Plus for PS Vita


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Dead or Alive 5 Plus will officially ship to retailers nationwide on March 19th.

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