Dead or Alive 5 officially released in North America

I’m a Fighter.

North America sees their first new main DOA title in nearly 7 years today with the release of Dead Or Alive 5 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The standard version of the game will run you the usual $59.99 USD. For the die hard fans there is also a Collector’s Edition that includes such things as DLC, artwork, and the soundtrack for $79.99 USD. And beyond that, pre-ordering bonuses gave you even more costumes depending on where you pre-ordered from.

Upon it’s release, Tecmo Koei and Team NINJA issued a patch for the game that makes balance changes to each character, as well as fixes some online bugs. To read the full list of changes, click here. The game already has DLC planned. However, the game will see no additional characters. It’s creators feel this makes fighters ‘unfair’ when it comes to balance, as some people may not be able to afford the characters right away. They will be selling things like costumes instead.

So far the game has been receiving a lot of good feedback, and is looking promising in the competive scene. It also does a good job of making things easier for new comers, while still retaining its depth as a fighter. However, with the recent release of Tekken Tag tournament 2, it will definitely a tough road ahead if it wants to strive in the FGC. In any case, fans of the series and 3D fighters alike will be paying attention. Will you?

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