Dead or Alive 5 5th Edition DLC Giveaway

Dead or Alive 5 5th Edition DLC Giveaway

 Tweetin your love of the game!

During this time of year, everyone gets into the spirit of giving for the holidays. Some offer gift certificates. Others crave more expensive tastes, but in the end, it's all about the thought that counts. Well, we know how much every diehard Dead or Alive 5 fan LOVES DLC content, which is is why we're pleased to announce a new giveaway!!

Team Ninja and Put That Back are pleased to present our lucky readers with an opportunity to snag the all-new Dead or Alive 5 5th edition DLC content for use on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. We will be rewarding (5) winners from each platform an opportunity to win.

You just need to follow through on the following steps to be considered as a qualified entry!


Please read carefully as we will not be making ANY exceptions for any lack of compliance with these super, easy guidelines:

1. You must be actively following @ptbdotorg and @TeamNinjaStudio (please do not unfollow us and refollow, this will not increase your chances or eligibility)
2. Place the following Tweet on our official twitter page – which includes your platform of choice (i.e. Xbox or PS3)

@ptbdotorg #AlwaysAFighter for #DoA5 – DLC 5th Edition Contest @TeamNinjaStudio Xbox!


 @ptbdotorg #AlwaysAFighter for #DoA5 – DLC 5th Edition Contest @TeamNinjaStudio PS3!

3. You must include a link to your Tweet in the comments section below this article. (Note: Not sure how to include a link, click here for a screenshot where to get the URL). You must have an entry below with a link to your Tweet in order to actually qualify. No exceptions.)


Contest will run between December 11th – 20th. Winners will be announced approximately around 12AM EST. Good luck!


These codes are for use on North American Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network systems. You can also get a glimpse at these awesome designs, compliments of the talented design team at Team Ninja!!!

[oqeygallery id=36]



Unlike our first edition, this drawing will be entirely random. That means it's not a question of who enters first or not — the outcome is ENTIRELY unpredictable!!!

There are a few important disclaimers if you're new to our giveaways, please take the time to read them:


  • To ensure absolute fair play, any newly created Twitter accounts which have less than 10 Followers are not eligible. 
  • Winners will be announced here as well as our official Twitter account. Winners will then be contacted directly via Direct Message
  • Winners must respond via Direct Message (and should remain actively following @ptbdotorg). We will not other means of commnication (via Facebook, email, smoke signals, etc.)
  • DLC codes are final and are not redeemable for cash value or other prizes. Winners are responsible for accurately Tweeting the correct message with the preferred platform. If selected, they are not exchangeable – please do not ask us to swap for another DLC on another platform.
  • Winners are responsible for responding with 24hrs upon time of being contacted. In the event that the selected winner(s) fail to respond, their entry is considered forfeit and an alternative winner will be selected
  • Upon entering this contest, you agree to not hold Put That Back, Team Ninja and OnePRStudio responsible for your inability to respond to the contest announcement in a timely fashion, nor are the aforementioned parties responsible for the inability or lack of knowledge of Twitter's services, including Tweets, using Direct Messages, registration, etc. 
  • This giveaway has been offered directly by Put That Back and is in no way affiliated, sponsorsed or administered by Team Ninja, Tecmo Koei or OnePRStudio.  Thus, Put That Back is authorized to adjust these rules at any time, especially in the event that any Party is found to be circumventing the DOA5 DLC Giveaway for unlawful or unauthorized use.
  • The "prize" and its estimated value is based upon the MSRP equivalent sold via the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network. No cash or prize substitution is allowed or available for this promotion. In no event shall Put That Back be resposnible hereunder for any incidental, consequential, special or indirect damages incurred by any entrant or any third-party even if Put That Back has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


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