Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Receives Huge Update

More maps, more weapons, more corpses.

It bludgeons! It pierces! It slices! Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a bonanza of brutality. Now available, at no cost to you, is another heaping helping of that chaos you crave. Torn Banner Studios has released an update to their knightly classic. Three new maps are now available, and they’re all waiting for a fresh coat of blood-red paint. Whether it’s getting mashed into paste by boulders, or given a most uncomfortable shave by a saw-blade, new dangers await. But that’s not all! A host of new weapons can be wielded. Quarterstaffs, polehammers, slings, and flails, you can’t go wrong with this arsenal.

Spice up your very short life, with a couple of new modes. Take down your most hated rival, in one of 10 horrific duel arenas. There’s also Capture the Flag, a staple of any multi-player game. A host of fixes, changes, and optimizations are also included. Numerous other functions; like the server browser and spectator mode, have been improved as well. The best has gotten even better. Whether you represent the Agatha Knights, or side with the Mason Order, there’s no excuse for not returning to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

Still not convinced? Watch this trailer: