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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Gets Support

Great news for Monster Hunter fans. There’s going to be an update about a month after it’s US release just weeks away, now. Capcom listens to their fans as there will be online game play that allows for European and American players alike to get their sessions in with up to 4 people. However, Capcom will be offering more than just that to their faithful fans.

Included in the software update is the ability for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to be compatible with off-TV play. If that wasn’t enough, it will get free DLC for months to follow. The first of these quests will be available on launch. Don’t worry, the online is completely free, as well.

So don’t forget to grab your copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on your console of choice, Wii U or 3DS, March 19th. This title can be obtained via stores of the Nintendo eShop. How convenient!

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