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What Makes Cremation Better than Burial?

More often than not, children need to respect and follow the wishes of their parents. When they say “be good at school” or “go to bed early”, children normally obey them. And this practice should also be applied when it comes to the kind of memorial service that their parents want. So whether it’s a burial or cremation service, the wish must be granted as a sign of respect and love.

But what is really better, cremating the body or burying it in the ground? This question remains a mystery for some. However, others have already accepted that cremation is the new way of “memorialization”. Some of the reasons why this happens are cost efficiency, quick service, greater convenience, and being more affordable than burial. And who actually knows what takes place during the spiritual transition process?

How to Decide When Choosing a Memorial Service

It doesn’t matter how people want to be memorialized. What is really more important is that the soul is prayed for and hoped with peaceful passing. But with the growing popularity of crematory services around the world, it may influence your decisions while considering the advantages of this method. After all, everybody wants a formal funeral service – the kind that loved ones truly deserve.


Check out the following tips to help you make a more informed decision:

  • Cremation is what the world needs right now because it doesn’t affect the ecological balance of the planet. In fact, experts suggest this since it’s proven healthy for the environment because you don’t need a piece of land to bury the dead.
  • More lands can be put to good use instead of converting them into cemeteries. Since the global population and the need for resources are continuously increasing, people need to industrialize the lands to produce necessities and achieve a higher employment rate.
  • You don’t need to pay a very expensive fee for the piece of land where you’ll lay your loved one to rest. By opting for cremation, you can solemnly hold a memorial service for the family and close friends in a more affordable manner.
  • For those who don’t have time to visit the cemetery or too far to pay a visit to their loved ones, direct cremation provides the best solution. You can bring the ash wherever you want. You’ll easily be able to put lit candles beside it during the person’s birthday, death anniversary, or any important date to be celebrated.


Keeping the Ashes

The normal amount of ashes obtained after cremating the body is 3 to 9 pounds. They can be kept by the family, have it scattered somewhere, or simply bury it in a special area. And if you choose to scatter it, you can do it anywhere you want since the ashes don’t contain any harmful mineral or other content. After they are scattered, the soil absorbs them in only a matter of days.

Other things people can oddly do with the ashes are to mix it with tattoo ink, blast it into space, and even turn it into artificial diamonds. For practicality, it’s better to cremate the dead than to bury them since the world’s population is continuing to increase. People will lose more land as it will be converted into cemeteries.

Finding the Perfect Urn for the “Cremains”

Identify the main purpose. Just like in any buying decision, it’s important to understand why you need an urn. In most cases, the ashes are either stored or scattered. So if you are planning to scatter the ashes, you can go for a not so expensive urn since you will only need it for a moment. But if you decide to keep the ashes, you can choose a quality urn that can be used in the long run.

Also, consider your budget before buying. The available price range is an important factor when buying an urn. So if you have enough money for the best one, you can simply choose the most beautiful urn displayed before your very eyes. That will make the storage more meaningful and special for the departed one. There are online shops you can visit to make sure that you are choosing from the best options currently available.