Alex JeBailey, EMP TriForce Johnson Join James MK on OnBlast Show

Begin the discussion has. . .

What do you get when you combine CEO’s Alex JeBailey, Empire Arcadia’s Triforce coming aboard the On Blast Show? If you said drama, well, keep guessing because this show strives to offer more constructive content then just stirring the pot. In any case, there has been an ongoing discussion where members of the community have been taking each other on some very ‘sensitive’ topics touching upon seeding points, FGC politics, and then some. Many will be looking for some constructive questions to be addressed – but one thing is for sure, there will be a lot of reasons to turn in tonight!

Alex has personally come on the show to speak up for the community he believes in and address some important agendas that have sparked discussion between various parties.

So far, things aren’t starting off amicable, and there’s been news of a “toliet flushing”? Yes, things are definitely going to get interesting. Watch the broadcast below.
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