AoW Official Release Delayed

Age of Wushu Official Launch Delayed

Here comes the Delay TrainAs some people might of been aware, Age of Wushu,a Chinese Martial Art Themed MMORPG  published by Snail Games, was suppose to be coming out sometime next month as planned. A lot of people were happy yet concerned when they were letting the second beta continuing it’s span before the official launch. With that all being said, There was an official forum post made by “Pyre”, a Community Moderator for Snail games stating that the date has been moved back from February of 2013 to spring of 2013. Later in the post they have express that the current beta will still be live leading to the launch and that there will be no character wipes.

I must admit, this move about not having character wipes in a closed beta (even in free 2 play games) has me questioning where they are going with this game. But as it stands, it is still fun to play and the PvP is still engaging. Stay tuned for more updates.

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